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FlowEase [Subcutaneous] Infusion Set

For self-administration, a healthcare professional should provide instructions and training on the proper use of this set for subcutaneous infusion with the appropriate administration system.

1. Getting Ready

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Wash hands and put on clean gloves if you are a caregiver or as instructed by your physician prior to assembling equipment


Use aseptic technique to prepare the FlowEase [Subcutaneous] Infusion Set and supplies


Remove the contents from package and place on a
clean surface


Remove the sterile cap EXCEPT protective needle cover from the open end of the FlowEase needle set and discard

Do not use if package is open or damaged

2. Prepare the Needle Set and Infusion Site

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Attach and secure FlowEase needle set to administration tubing or syringe


Fill the FlowEase needle set with medication up the
needle wings


Select area(s) for insertion of the FlowEase needle set as directed by your healthcare professional
• Other things to consider when selecting an infusion site: Avoid bony areas, visible blood vessels, scars and any areas of inflammation (irritation) or infection


Clean skin with an antiseptic cleaner and allow to dry

3. Insert the Needle Set

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Fold the wings back away from the needle and pinch together between two fingers


Carefully remove the protective needle cover and discard


Pinch an inch of the cleansed skin. Insert the FlowEase needle with a darting motion, straight into the infusion site at a 90-degree angle


Secure the FlowEase needle set with the tape supplied (found on the edge of the dressing)

Set not intended for administration of
medication into intravascular space.

4. Infuse

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Prior to start of infusion, check needle placement with a syringe by pulling the plunger back. Look for blood return at the needle site

If Blood is seen:
- Remove and discard the FlowEase needle set in an appropriate disposal container - Repeat the process of preparing the FlowEase needle set and infusion site - Insert new FlowEase needle set into a new infusion site and check placement


Secure needle in place with provided transparent dressing


Start infusion as directed by your healthcare professional. Use instructions provided with the medication and the appropriate infusion device

5. Finish Up

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When infusion is complete, loosen the dressing


Pull wings of needle back away from the skin and pinch them together between two fingers


Pull the needle straight up and out, away from the skin


Hold tips of the wings


Fold the wings over the needle to cover it to prevent accidental exposure


Discard the FlowEase needle set in an appropriate disposal container. Dispose of the sharps container using instructions provided with the container, or contact your healthcare professional


Apply pressure to the infusion site with gauze


Cover the infusion site with an appropriate bandage

Only for single use; do not reuse.